Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents

A real estate agent is a trained, licensed professional who helps buyers to locate, assess and budget a real estate investment.Being a successful agent in a pool of many others calls for a competitive edge.

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Attributes of a real estate agent

Anyone aspiring to clinch this position is expected to have three primary attributes:

    1. Knowledge: A capable real estate agent should have excellent knowledge of the nooks and corners of the housing market. A buyer can ask any question about a property and likes to know about the local neighborhood, public transportation services, educational institutions, and crime information, to name a few. A real estate agent has toupdate his awareness continuously and be able to respond to all the buyer’s queries with confidence. In essence, it is the agent’s responsibility to gather a lot of property data and become an indispensable property expert.

  1. Negotiation skills:A real estate agent should be in constant touch with the buyers, contractors, brokers, and renters and hence should have sharp negotiation skills. It is the agent’s principal duty to resolve any differences between these parties. The agent has to be a good speaker, an active listener and possess the power of persuasion.
  1. Integrity: A real estate agent should be honest and ethical in his job and to his business parties. For example, he should sell a property at a rate that is beneficial to both the seller and the buyer.

In addition to the above, a real estate agent should be mathematically adept and have strong analytical skills.

How to become a real estate agent

Becoming a true estate agent is no easy task. It usually involves the following steps:

  1. Education: Different countries have diverse courses for real estate agents. It is good to choose one that covers all general real estate topics and is globally-recognized. Moreover, an agent’s education does not stop with merely a university course. He has to seek actively and learn for periodical renewal of his license.
  1. Brokerage: A real estate agent needs a license to work. A real estate brokerage equips the agent with knowledge to obtain this legal license. It is thereby essential that an agent hunts for the right broker who has good real estate experience and can act as a useful guide or mentor to the officer.
  1. Obtaining alicense: This is the most important step for a real estate agent. It involves passing state and national-level exams specific to a country and with good character clearance.
  1. Budgeting: The role of a real estate agent purely based on commission.Hence, it is imperative that the agencyevaluates his budget and saves money for three to six months as it is hard for a new agent to gain more commissions.
  1. Spreading the word: With all the above steps in place, a real estate agent is now ready for on-the-job tasks. To gain potential clients, it is necessary to spread the word about the newfound license to friends, family, brokers, builders, and construction companies.

It takes time to scale heights in the real estate profession. Continual Patience and learning are the keys to a successful real estate career.